WP Engine Review: Is The WordPress Hosting Leader Still Offering Fast And Robust Servers?

If you are looking for managed WordPress hosting provider, you should know that WP Engine specializes in that matter. As a company that is one of the pioneers in the WordPress hosting sphere, they have always been there to offer great hosting that tailors to the needs of many clients. Some of their most popular and successful clients include Yelp, Asana, SoundCloud, National Geographic and MyFitnessPal.

Here is a nice visual info about the company.

Knowing that WP Engine is a leader with over 70k regular clients, it is safe to say that the host has no boots to fill. In other words, the company is already a leader in managed WordPress hosting solutions with a solid reputation and a great customer base. However, with the tons of new managed WP hosting providers coming out of nowhere, even a reputation like this can be difficult to maintain.

That is why below, we are listing every aspect of the managed WordPress hosting by WPEngine – how fast it is, how reliable it is and it it really lives up to the users’ expectations.

Let’s start with the WP Engine pros and cons, after which we will go in detail about every plan and package the company offers.

Network Performance100% Uptime
Php 7.0 (optional)
– Staging Sites
– LargeFS
Speed & Reliability– Response Time – 2 ms
(<10 ms for other Continents)
Fastest Servers Ever
– Evercache Technology
– Free MAXCDN (ProPlan)
Price & ValuePremium Pricing
60 Day Trial
3 Types of Plans
Very Easy to Manage
– Not applicable for non-WordPress sites
– Additional charges for Exceeding Number of Visitors
Help & SupportA+ Rating on BBB.org
– Live Chat Response <2 Minute
WP Professional Staff
Personal Tool
– Entreprise-Grade Security

The Advantages Of WP Engine’s WordPress Hosting

Some of the greatest things about the WP Engine hosting plans are the speed, security and world-class customer service. However, the primary advantages everyone can see from their service include:

  • Great speed and performance, even for complex or big WordPress sites
  • Excellent uptime – coming from a tool that pings your website every 15 minutes and sends you an email if it is unable to contact the site for longer than one minute
  • Reliable customer support, whether it comes to solving a simple bug or transitioning your site to HTTPS/SSL (they are all WordPress experts)
  • Advanced security, which makes this hosting provider almost impossible for threats by hackers and malware distributors (as long as it is updated)
  • One-click staging areas that help every DIY siteowner to get away from the coding and skip to the best practices of web development
  • Fair pricing, which can get you a powerful and reliable VPS for benchmarking (the automatic WordPress updates and QA sessions with your developer which are free in the managed WordPress package can save you big bucks over time)
  • The EverCache Technology that allows faster page loading
  • All of the WordPress updates automatically installed by the team at WP Engine
  • Free data backups and restoration + hacked sites fixes at no charge
  • A free 60-day trial of the managed WordPress hosting and no long-term commitments necessary after that
  • Free SSL certificate, transferrable installs and billing transfer features

As you can see, the company does everything to bring the managed WordPress plan as the best and the most tailored to many small to medium sized businesses out there. The hosting is fast and the support is great – and that is what matters most to every user out there, right?

The Drawbacks Behind WP Engine’s Managed WordPress Hosting

Even though it seems like there are no cons, we have to admit that three of them got into our eyes. And they are the following:

  • More expensive than most of the competitors (which is still not a disadvantage if you get a great value for money on your hosting package)
  • Not applicable for non-WordPress sites
  • Some plugins and themes cannot be hosted (not allowed by WP Engine, you can ask during your free trial)
  • Additional charges for exceeding number of visitors (which is once again fair as long as the optimal speed is maintained)

The reason why we are somehow approving the first and last drawback is simple. Every hosting has its own pricing scheme – and if it is the best at what they do, (for many people) it is worth paying it. On top of that, additional charges are in many cases better than slow loading page issues, and therefore are reasonable to cover.

From all of this, we can conclude that WP Engine is among the best managed WordPress hosting providers specialized in WordPress only. The security and reliability are on a high level, and you will get to experience that as soon as you register and choose your starting package.

WP Engine Review: Managed WordPress Hosting Plans And Packages

The structure of the hosting plans that WP Engine has is quite different than most of its competitors. Obviously, that is mostly because the company specializes in managed WordPress hosting – and therefore tailors each one of its packages to the needs of WordPress users.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

The managed WordPress hosting plans include more than three alternatives. In fact, WP Engine offers its users to choose from five different packages, including:


  • Personal – Best for running one site or testing the company out for a bigger project and a great fit for marketers, creatives and developers
  • Professional – Very flexible for managing one site with steady traffic, numerous smaller sites or just doing hosting for your clients
  • Business – Ideal for business owners who want to reach an audience with higher traffic and install limites – as well as access to a palette of cutting-edge programs


The next two are basically custom plans that can only be accessed by getting in touch with the company. Their prices are custom and dependant on the features you may need, including:

  • Premium – Brands and growing business sites need optimal performance, and these plans combine the best power of a single server in a dedicated environment
  • Enterprise Grade – This plan basically aims on high traffic, mission critical sites and utmost performance, scalability and uptime – ideal for sites in a clustered environment in a multi-zone technology

Is Performance Important?

According to WP Engine, the platform performance matters – and that is why the Enterprise plan is one of the best when it comes to preventing delays. In a digital world where every second matters in regards to page loading speed, even a 1 second delay can cause a 7% loss in conversions.

Here are the graphics that WP Engine has in its ‘Enterprise’ section, all related to issues like these and how their managed hosting prevents them.

Since the company is specialized in managed WordPress hosting, it is always a step ahead of any other managed hosting as you know it. And even though this may limit you to choosing WordPress as your content management system (CMS), the results are certainly more awesome than one could ever imagine.

Basically, WP Engine is the most trusted managed WordPress hosting provider because of features like:

  • Accelerated deployment – an environment that accelerates your development workflows and reduces operational costs while keeping your team focused
  • Advanced security & performance – redundant configuration with different security layers that protect your content while boosting your SEO and audience reach
  • Peace of mind – as the most crucial thing when having a managed WordPress hosting package, with 24/7 available support
  • Developer tools & devops – all kinds of centralized toolsets, one-click migration, copy site and staging as part of the hosting plans
  • Proprietary EverCache – a technology developed by WP Engine designed to optimize speed and content delivery with seamless auto-refreshing and content purging
  • Performance Intelligence – available to everyone, the real-time performance analytics and optimization are integrated into the development workflows, making tracking data 10 times easier than before.


What WP Engine excels at is a centralized management with unlimited workspace. It also offers auto backups, GIT integration as well as one-click copy sites, staging or billing transfer. The guys behind WP Engine have developed a certain performance intelligence system that balances and makes running a WordPress site easier than ever before.

So, Should You Choose WP Engine As The Best Managed WordPress Host?



If you are still wondering why, the stats can clearly show you. WP Engine is a host to more than 5% of the online world – with over 70,000 valued customers and over 2 million attacks blocked in total every day. It is used by many reputable brands with millions of page-views per day – and always delivers in that manner.

And the best part?

WP Engine is the best choice for a hassle-free web host for your WordPress website. Whether you are a blogger or a business, saving time on eliminating technical details and being assisted in all web-related issues is something that will help you take your business or hobby to the next level.


You can scale your website in an easy way with WP Engine – and enjoy different types of features and rewards in every package. IF you need help in selecting a package for your needs, all you need to do is visit their website and contact the enterprise sales expert via phone or chat.


Choose WP Engine today – and enjoy a hassle-free hosting environment tailored to your needs!

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