SiteGround Hosting Review: The Right Hosting For Your Managed WordPress Site

SiteGround Hosting is a prestigious hosting provider in the digital world. The company was founded in 2004, and its main headquarters are in Bulgaria. However, just like most of the top hosting providers nowadays, they serve hosting markets globally with high-quality products and ‘well-crafted hosting solutions’.

The spectrum of hosting solutions that can be found in SiteGround’s palette is really wide. They vary from Linus hosting to Cloud, Dedicated and Managed WordPress hosting plans by SiteGround – tailored to small to medium sized businesses that are growing fast.

Speaking of growth, it is safe to say that SiteGound is among the fastest growing hosting companies out there. What started as a brand owned by a larger corporate holding company has actually evolved in a big brand itself – active in many marketing communities and recommended by tons of internet marketing experts.

And the best part?

SiteGround is a hosting provider that is officially recommended by, Drupal and Joomla.

From what’s said above, we can conclude that the hosting services by SiteGround are truly revolutionary. Which is why they deserved a spot on our TOP 3 recommended hosting provider list. What actually makes them popular, though, is reserved for the below sections in this review.


Network Performance99.98% Uptime
Php 7.0 (optional)
– Customized Server Setup
Speed & Reliability– Response Time – 697 ms
Fastest Shared Host Plan
– FREE Cloudflare CDN
– SSD Storage
Price & ValueAffordable Pricing
30 Day refund policy
7 Types of Plans
– Free SSL
Help & SupportA Rating on
– Live Chat Response <5 Minutes
Helpfull Staff

The Pros Of Using SiteGround As Your Main Hosting Provider

First and foremost, it is important to put the great things about SiteGround hosting on the table. So, the primary categories that we are going to analyze are the pros – which are obviously most critical to the success of any site.

What makes SiteGround a great Drupal, Joomla and WordPress managed hosting provider is the following:

  • High uptime of even 99.98% according to 12-month statistics and raw data
  • A platform that is built on Linux containers which means that it is stable in times of traffic spikes
  • Officially the first hosting provider to ever introduce account isolation technology for securing the data of their clients
  • Well-established proactive server monitoring system that monitors the servers 2 times in a second and fixes problems automatically
  • Great loading times of around 609ms (milliseconds), which is way faster than the 1059ms average load
  • Well-backed and knowledgeable support that gets over 1500+ tickets and 3000+ inquiries via phone and chat every day – and one that is rated 96/100 according to company surveys.
  • High-performance WordPress managed hosting in each plan and package
  • Free Security Add-ons, eCommerce upgrades
  • Free transfers for existing websites
  • LIVE setup assistance during your website transfer
  • An affordable pricing strategy that outperforms some direct competitors

That being said, SiteGround is a great choice for a hosting provider that tailors to the needs of the client with a robust technology that is automatically preventing crashes and fixing itself before an issue occurs.

Now, let’s take a look at the few downfalls of this hosting provider.

The Cons Of Using SiteGround Hosting

The truth is, there are way more pros than cons when it comes to SiteGround and its hosting plans, support and speed. However, just like many companies, it is easy to fall into the scheme of SiteGround without realizing some of their up sells and drawbacks when shopping around.

Below, we are listing each one of them:

  • Paying a ‘setup fee’ per month – which is best avoided if you don’t pay monthly but stick to year-round hosting plans
  • Limited storage space when compared to other web hosts – which is again best avoided by knowing the number of monthly visitors that your website can safely handle

As you can see, both of these cons can be avoided – but may still be a needle in the eye to many customers. Therefore, the best way to shop around the SiteGround hosting packages is to be smart, pay upfront and know what you are getting for what you have paid.

And just in case you are not an expert when it comes to hosting, you can always contact SiteGround’s support by email or phone and let the guys tailor a plan for you.

SiteGround's Main Hosting Packages

What SiteGround does differently in terms of its hosting plans is that aside from offering the standard shared, cloud, managed WordPress and dedicated hosting – it also offers specialized WordPress, Joomla and Drupal hosting plans.

Below, we are briefly reviewing all of these hosting plans along with the specialized ones.

Shared Hosting By SiteGround: Review

The shared hosting plans by SiteGround are as per standard in three main packages. The prices are relatively affordable and easily compared to their competitors. According to the company itself, the shared hosting packages offer the fastest 3-click setup, easy website creation and free website migration. All that with 99.9% uptime and a friendly interface.

Here are the basic shared hosting plans by SiteGround.

Cloud Hosting By SiteGround: Review

The cloud hosting plans by SiteGround are all based on an ultra-fast platform that uses groundbreaking Linux container technology. In other words, there are tons of SSD disks that provide unmatched resource efficiency as well as site speed.

On top of that, all the resources on your cloud server are easily scalable – and there is 24/7 VIP support. So, if you are interested in getting a fully managed server with automatic daily backups and multiple geographical locations for better speed to every user, the SiteGround cloud hosting plans are your best shot.

There are three main cloud hosting plans by SiteGround – listed below.

Dedicated Servers By SiteGround: Review

Having your website hosted on the SiteGround dedicated servers is a breeze. Everything is managed by their experts, and there are a lot of nice tools that help you boost your performance and extend the functionalities on your website.

You can choose your data center location (Europe, US or Asia-Pacific) and enjoy the full server management, amazingly stable machinery and 24/7 VIP support provided by real experts on chat, phone and ticketing.

The dedicated server plans by SiteGround look like this.

Reseller Hosting By SiteGround: Review

The reseller hosting program aims on developers and designers who need to maintain their client’s websites on long-term basis. So, if you are an experienced developer, SiteGround’s reseller hosting can come as a great choice to increase your revenue and enjoy working with stable web hosting for all of your clients.

What you will get includes a volume discount on hosting, special domain name deals on a regular basis as well as infinite profit opportunities.

Enterprise Hosting By SiteGround: Review

Custom made enterprise hosting has never looked any better – thanks to SiteGround’s extensive team that is always ready to come up with a tailor-fit solution that is made for you and managed by the company.

In other words, the enterprise hosting solutions by SiteGround are for everyone in need of a ready-made plan and infrastructure that is based on their needs. The reliable architecture, fully managed options and constant development workflow certainly make SiteGround a premier enterprise hosting provider.

Managed Joomla Hosting By SiteGround: Review

The Joomla hosting packages by SiteGround include special features and premier Joomla support specialized in this content management system. The features are very similar to the managed WordPress hosting that SiteGround offers, including 1-click installation, free transfers, autoupdates, daily backups and more.

Just like the growing number of managed WordPress hosting plans, SiteGround prides with the specialty it provides when it comes to managed Joomla hosting as well. Below, you can see how the Joomla plans look in detail.

Managed WordPress Hosting By SiteGround: Review

As the all-time leader when it comes to content management systems, WordPress is definitely the choice of many out there. The guys behind SiteGround know this, which is why they made managed services on all plans that are ‘engineered for speed, built for security and crafted for WordPress’ according to the company’s presentation.

On top of that, SiteGround offers a 1-click installer, Autoupdates, SuperCacher, WordPress staging and WP-CLI enabled as part of their main features focused on fast development and easy management. According to many, SiteGround is the best managed WordPress hosting provider.

Here are the managed WP hosting plans with their prices.

Final Verdict: Do We Recommend SiteGround As A Reliable Hosting Provider?



With data centers in all parts of the world and a leading hosting infrastructure, SiteGround has definitely climbed on the success ladder over the past few years. The number of clients is constantly growing – and it really pays off to sign up for one-, two- or three-year contracts and save while spending.

If you want some time to play with your hosting plan, SiteGround also offers a one-month trial which is another proof for their specialty. There are SSD drives for all plans and free SSL certificates for every website. With an infrastructure that is constantly refreshing and scanning itself in seconds, it is almost impossible for an issue to occur.

So, Why Choose SiteGround Hosting?

If you are still wondering what package to choose and whether to choose at all, the best way to describe the SiteGround Hosting review and all the features is as very promising. That is because this hosting company never had any downs or cons that potentially lost it tons of users.

With an amazing customer support and a potential to make your website load in less than a second, SiteGround Hosting is definitely a great choice to make any time of the day.

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