A2 Hosting Review: Is A2 The Fastest Hosting For Your Needs?

In a digital world full of hosting providers, it is always important to consider your primary needs before choosing the most attractive offer. Also, it is important to never trust a newcomer on the market (well, unless they are giving 10 free years of hosting for the price of one).

If you have grown the tips we just mentioned by heart, you probably have heard of A2 Hosting – the managed WordPress hosting provider that has been around since 2001 – previously named Inquinet.

Even though its name changed, the managed hosting services by A2 Hosting remain intact (in fact, some of them got better). This is what kept the A2 Hosting reviews positive and what helped the company grow its customer base over the years.

Below, we are listing exactly what those reviews were based on.

Network Performance99.94% Uptime
Php 7.0 (optional)
– ServerRewind
Speed & Reliability– Response Time – 440 ms
Fastest Shared Host Plan
– A2 Optimized WP, Turbo Cache, Memecached
– CDN Integration
Price & ValueModerate Pricing
30 Day refund policy
5 Types of Plans
Easy to Manage
Help & SupportA+ Rating on BBB.org
– Live Chat Response <1 Minute
Experienced Staff

The Great Things About Every A2 Hosting Package

First of all, it is important for us to see all the different managed WordPress hosting plans by A2 Hosting. Then, we will dig into the features that make this hosting provider special.

In a nutshell, going with A2 Hosting is a safe bet. There are tons of options to choose from, including shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated server hosting packages.

Some of the great selling points and features of A2 hosting, in general, include the following:

  • Many fast web hosting services that are well optimized for speed and reliability
  • A wide palette of platform customization options aimed at web developers and programmers
  • A unique ‘Developer Access’ solution for all site owners in need of allowing permission to their web development tools (without sharing their master login details)
  • Managed WordPress hosting plans by A2 hosting with a wide variety of configurations and specs
  • An excellent page loading speed for WordPress (6 times faster than many other alternatives – according to benchmarks)
  • SSD storage that is INCLUDED for free in most of the account plans
  • 24/7 technical support that is ALWAYS there to assist via phone, live chat or email
  • Unmanaged VPS plans that start at $5 per month with a wide variety of OS choices

Let’s begin from the shared hosting packages.

Shared Hosting By A2 Hosting: Review

A2 Hosting is basically a shared hosting provider with three main options: Lite, Swift and Turbo.

While the cheapest plan here, Lite, starts at $3.92, the Turbo package comes close to $9.31 per month and with unlimited storage and transfer options. Additionally, the Swift and Turbo plans include unlimited numbers of websites and databases.

Another great thing about the A2 shared hosting plans is that they can be easily integrated with Joomla, Drupal or WordPress. Specifically, the WordPress shared hosting works great for most of the users – giving them speed and reliability as well as a lot of advanced features. (shopping cart integration etc.)

Reseller Hosting By A2 Hosting: Review

There are three main reseller hosting options available on the website:

  • the Bronze plan, starting at $13.19/month,
  • the Silver plan, starting at $18.47/month
  • the Gold plan, starting at $24.41/month (bestseller) and
  • the Platinum plan, starting at $40.91/month.

Basically, all of the plans range from 60GB to 200GB of reseller storage per month and from 600 GB to 2,000 GB of transfer per month, with unlimited accounts and free SSD. As most of the A2 reseller hosting reviews claim, the uptime and performance of the sites and the host is what matters here – and what A2 always delivers, especially with the Turbo serves that feature up to 20x faster page loading speeds than the competing hosts.

Cloud Server Hosting By A2 Hosting: Review

As you probably know, cloud hosting solutions provide hosting on virtual servers which pull their resources from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers. That being said, cloud hosting is for many the best option and one that guarantees high page loading times, 24/7 support and service in minutes.

The cloud hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting include:

  • the START cloud package, starting at $15/month,
  • the MEDIAN plan, starting at $20/month (bestseller) and
  • the ACE plan, starting at $25/month.

While the START package comes with 512MB RAM and 10GB HDD storage, the ACE plan features 1GB of RAM and 25GB of HDD storage. All of the plans are high-performance and able to load up a page up to 300%  faster compared to standard drives.

Also, there is a Quick Start Cloud panel with guides and instructions – and an availability to design your perfect cloud VM and re-size your account whenever you need it.

Dedicated Server Hosting By A2 Hosting: Review

There are several dedicated server hosting plans that feature the highest prices – but also the best offers for many. Basically, the dedicated server hosting by A2 is always a great idea because it is fully managed and 100% worry-free, as the company’s promise in these plans.

The plans you can choose from include:

  • the Semi-Dedicated Server, starting at $9.31/month,
  • the Unmanaged Flex Server, starting at $99.59/month and
  • the Managed Flex Server, starting at $141.09/month (most popular option) and
  • the Platinum plan, starting at $141.09/month

All of the dedicated server hosting options are designed to meet the needs of all types of users. For example, the Unmanaged Flex Dedicated Server is perfect for developers or system administrators that develop with command lines – while the Managed Flex Dedicated Server best works for users who want around the clock support and access to the user-friendly cPanel control panel interface.

Extra Features By A2 Hosting: Server Rewind, CloudFlare and HackScan

Probably the best features offered by A2 Hosting are their unique palette that includes tools that back up your accounts so you can restore single files, MySQL databases, sites or accounts in case you delete something.

Basically, everything is automatic, flexible, convenient and free. You get the tools such as Server Rewind, CloudFlare (great for blazing fast website loading speed) and HackScan (preventing attacks before they occur) – ALL free of charge.

What We Like About A2 Hosting

Our experience with A2 Hosting has always been on the great side, and we have used their products for more than 5 years. There are a lot of things that we like (some of which listed in the introduction part) and very few that made our eyebrows rise.

The main selling point for A2 Hosting from our perspective has been the reliability and speed that was always as promised. Knowing that it is hard to find a hosting provider that actually lives up to their promises when it comes to speed, the guys at A2 hosting helped us fine-tune our websites and provided regular add-ons whenever we needed them.

From our point of view, the Turbo plan is great if you are looking for a Shared Hosting option – and the Managed Flex Server gives you the goose bumps when it comes to having a fully managed dedicated server that is tweaked for your needs.

So, the speed behind A2 Hosting is never an issue – and we have pinged it a lot of times without having to question our choices. For basic hosting that starts at only $3.92, it is absolutely better to have a page that loads fast than lose a couple of dollars (or choose another hosting provider).

The uptime and server reliability are great, and also live up to the 99.9% uptime guarantee that the company has. And even though we didn’t need to contact their customer support for issues, the guys were amazing when we needed them for upgrades.

The scalability is also great, and spending a few dollars more is never an issue – knowing that you get ten times more in every greater package that you choose.

Last but not least is a thing most people do not mention when it comes to A2 Hosting – the A rating given by the Better Business Bureau because of its stellar customer support. So, any questions about the quality of support should definitely end here.

Plus, you have the ‘Anytime Money Back Guarantee’ which actually motivates you to invest your money – and get it back if things go wrong (and they won’t).

So, Why Choose A2 Hosting?

If you are still wondering what package to choose and whether to choose at all, the best way to describe the A2 Hosting review and all the features is as very promising. That is because this hosting company never had any downs or cons that potentially lost it tons of users.

Instead, the user base behind A2 Hosting is constantly growing – and the prices are constantly dropping. Or, increasing but offering more and more features as a great value for money. With an amazing customer support and a potential to make your website load in less than a second, A2 Hosting is definitely a great choice to make any time of the day.

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